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Our Mission:

To promote life, strengthen families and offer hope through God's love.

Our Value Statement:
Life and Family Services, Inc. is an accessible service provider valuing human life, beginning at conception. We encourage an improved quality of life for children, parents, and families to promote the development of self-supporting, contributing members of the community.

Our Work:
Life and Family Services is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to serving families in the communities of Noble County, Indiana.  For over 30 years, our Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers have been committed to helping young families take healthy steps toward better parenting and daily living choices. 
We strive to give accurate information to women facing unplanned pregnancies, wanting to know their pregnancy options, and needing pregnancy and parenting information.
Our care is non-judgmental, compassionate and confidential.   

For parents expecting a child or raising young children, we provide motivation to meet their children's material needs by earning  BABE vouchers from numerous physicians and health and social service agencies in Noble County.  Vouchers can be earned through opportunities available at our offices, as well.  They can "purchase" items such as diapers, cribs, car seats, clothing etc. at our BABE Stores with their BABE vouchers.

Our History:
We began in 1986 when our agency was incorporated as the Council on Troubled Pregnancy in order to help teens in crisis pregnancy situations.

In 1991, the Teen Parent Co-op registered ministry for teen parents began.  This was a childcare opportunity at a very affordable cost of teenage parents, so that they could complete their high school education.

In 2000, our agency partnered with Family Health Care Services on the west side of the county to establish BABE.  The Ligonier clinic was discontinued in 2002, leaving our Kendallville BABE store as the only program like it  in Noble County.

As we began the 21st Century, the climate was changing regarding teen pregnancy.  It no longer carried the stigma of shame, instead becoming an accepted part of society.  We were seeing fewer clients who wanted to hide their situation via abortion, and more clients who were older, in uncommitted relationship, and primarily needing resources to help with the baby they intended to raise.  During this time of societal evolution, we also began to see that besides being ambiguous, our agency's name no longer reflected the entire scope of our services.  Therefore, in 2002, we changed our name from Council on Troubled Pregnancy, Inc. to Life and Family Services, Inc., and our Center for Troubled Pregnancy became the Pregnancy and Parenting Resource Center.

In 2004, a campaign began to secure funds to purchase and renovate our current location at 201 S Park Avenue in Kendallville.  This building housed both the Pregnancy and Parenting Resource Center and the Teen Parent Early Learning Center (child care).

In 2010, our ministry expanded to Ligonier.  Pregnancy and parenting education is offered to families at our Ligonier BABE location in Stone's Hill Church.  Vouchers are earned to purchase items for their children.

In 2016, our ministry changed again.  The Teen Parent Early Learning Center was discontinued.  The education system had developed other opportunities for teen parents to continue their education and graduate, which resulted in a diminished need for the childcare program.  With this change, this Pregnancy and Parenting Resource Center expanded throughout the entire facility.  We changed our individualized education opportunities to a video-based plan.  In just one year, this change in the education presentation has proven to be very effective with our clients.

Our organization is continually changing.  We listen to the needs of our clients and seek to provide the support and information that is needed for healthy individuals and families. 

God is our guide!