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"Life and Family Services has helped me, and my son so much more than they realize. They have helped me learn new skills and ideas for being a single mother, not only by watching videos but just talking to me.
I have been shown compassion and care by the workers. The considerable effort put into listening to any problems in my life is such a tremendous help. Just to know every week I will get to sit down with a woman who is willing to listen and understand and not judge me for my parenting, yet help me learn more or understand other ways about things, is such a gift.
Whether it be with feeding habits, sleeping habits or just my own life affecting my baby’s life. Something else so helpful is knowing that if I have a problem affording something for my son, I can put effort into learning something new about parenting and be able to get that something for my son.
The support you receive through Life and Family Services is something I truly appreciate and value.
Thank you, Life and Family Services!"

Anonymous Client

“The ladies at Life and Family Services are amazing. When I found out I was pregnant I was terrified. I took a home test and it came out positive (obviously). I was scared. I thought it was wrong. So, my first thought was to go to Life and Family Services. So, my boyfriend and I did and again took the pregnancy test and it was positive. I broke down. I’m 34, starting a family now. It felt like I was dreaming but they walked me through it. They told me how they would help us through this. So, it begins. They have these videos that you watch. They’ve helped me a lot. You learn so much from those videos. Then you get to earn vouchers and you can buy a lot of stuff from their store. They even set up a meeting for just my boyfriend – a kind of mentor-ship. It helps him deal with everyday issues and questions he has. He enjoys it and looks forward to those meetings. Plus, he’s helping by earning vouchers! The people that work at this place are a God send. They don’t judge. They listen. They even let you bawl on their shoulders. I don’t know what or where I would be without them.”

​Anonymous Client

At one time or another, we all seem to fall short of our needs in life. Be it emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual, we all need a little help at some point. I often find myself pondering what others did “back in the day,” so to speak, for I remain unsure what I would do without places like Life and Family Services. 

Time after time, the wonderful women at Life and Family Services have provided me with each and every one of these needs. Teaching me to be a better mother, supporting me when I need it, or being able to get clothes and diapers for my young kids . . . the generosity and kindness so freely given is not lost on me. 

Most importantly, I’ve found at Life and Family Services someone I can confide in. Having been raised in a house that lacked love and care, trust has never come easily for me. Who can I trust, when my life experiences have taught me that nobody can be trusted? Thankfully, God has provided me with the people (like Deanna) at LFS. I know that I can speak to her about anything without fear of judgement or harshness. She’s accepting and loving, encouraging and can even be gently enforcing if and when I need it. I’m very thankful that she’s been there for me throughout these last few months as I transitioned from a single mom of one boy to two boys. It’s a heavy burden.  Having support like Deanna’s has changed my life. Reassuring me that I can do this. More than anything, that’s what I need. 

I am forever touched and amazed by the selflessness spread into this service. 

I pray whoever reads this would be touched by these words and know that lives are being changed at LFS. My mother didn’t teach me what being a mother was all about -- in fact she taught me how NOT to be a good and loving mother. Life and Family Services has been there for me, to make up for what I was once ignorant of. I am forever touched. 

My deepest gratitude to all of you. My boys and I, our lives, improve everyday with your help.

Anonymous Client

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